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Name:Lori Anne Price
Birthdate:Sep 23

- the only one that needs to know -

Lori Anne Price is the younger child and only daughter of conservative local politician Martin Price, and his anti-abortion advocate wife, Anne. They couldn't have been more strict in the way they raised their kids, and her older brother went on to become a politician in his own right. There were very strict expectations put on Lori, but she was always a bit of a free spirit.

However, despite all the passionate disagreements she had with her father on all things political, she kept her sexual orientation, totally and completely lesbian, quiet, aside from those girls she hooked up with at school, and her best friend, a closeted gay guy, in order to protect her father from the criticisms sure to come from a seriously conservative Republican who had a gay daughter, especially when he had goals of moving up in politics (though those never came to fruition). At one point, a political opponent of her father's attempted to use her sexuality to discredit him, but Lori firmly denied it, and soon afterward, at least for the time being, changed her promiscuous ways to only sleep with people that she knew she could trust so that her father's position wouldn't be threatened.

She moved to New York City as soon as she graduated to go to school and refused her father's offer to pay her way, instead determined to make it on her own. One day, she intended to come out more publicly, and when that day came, she didn't want to have anyone say that she lived off her dad's money, then fucked him over. So she worked her way through college as a stripper, but always kept her family at home in the dark about it, preferring to keep it to herself. Her final few years of college, she had a long-term girlfriend, but when she came to Lori's job one night to surprise her, and realized how raunchy the show was that she put on, she flipped out, and the two soon split.

After graduating college with a degree in journalism, she scored a job with Entertainment Tonight as a roving reporter, and it was through this that she interviewed Raven Jones on the red carpet of her first Golden Globe awards and they hit it off even more at the after party, which they left together to go back to the hotel and had hot sex sex until the wee hours of the morning. They kept seeing each other casually from then on whenever Lori was back in New York, but Raven began to get nervous about the exposure their relationship might get if they came out publicly, and how it might impact on them. She didn't want to risk it, so she and Lori spoke at length to Raven's agent, Aiden Lewis, who happened to have a perfect plan of action for them... they would become 'beards' for another hushed homosexual relationship in the entertainment biz.

Axel Beckett and Chase Walker from the popular Australian boy band, Electricks, were apparently in a serious relationship together behind the scenes of their flashy popstar life. They wanted to keep their relationship under wraps too, and even though Raven had a little bit of a thrill at being 'in on' this juicy showbiz gossip, she was ready to jump into the job with bells on. It helped that both Axel and Chase were absolute sweethearts, and Raven and Lori had no issue at all adopting them straight away, and vice versa. Soon gossip began to spread that Raven was dating Chase, and Lori dating Axel, and with the power of the internet these days, the seed was planted with the expert skill of Aiden and his PR red herrings.

Lori is an Original Character
for musebox / psl, dreamlikenewyork.

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PB is Carey Mulligan, who belongs to herself.

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